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Application Expertise

JD Edwards

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Our Oracle JD Edwards ecosystem covers EnterpriseOne, OneWorldXe and WorldSoft. Our JD Edwards practice covers the entire service spectrum from sales, licensing, design implementation and project management to on-going support from your applications. Organizations trust the JD Edwards suite of products and applications, due to its stability and breadth of products.

3rd Eye Advisory® with its proven implementation & project management services, technical & functional expertise and a certified Oracle champion is the preferred choice among global clientele across industries. Clients are assured to receive full life cycle implementation & support for JD Edwards Enterprise One and JD Edwards Enterprise World applications.

Our unrivalled experience spans implementation, upgrade, rollout, application maintenance & support, Integration, licensing and consulting services. We combine technical and industry leading practices, combined with our know-how and methodology to provide a competitive advantage, enabling our customers to conduct and adapt their business to remain agile and effective. Our long standing relationship with our customers, vertical industry experience and our sustained investment in our Center of Excellence enable our customers to experience value additions to their Oracle investments.

3rd Eye Advisory® offers a whole range of consulting practice starting from ERP strategy & roadmap, product evaluation & selection, implementation to post-implementation maintenance, support services and systems audit. We also evaluate your requirements for added JD Edwards modules & functionality, ensuring the latest JDE service packs and updates give you the required boost to stay above competition. We ensure our clients are equipped with tools, methodologies, templates and accelerators. We ensure successful implementations & roll-outs, faster upgrades & migrations and 24*7 maintenance & support.

We assist our clients in analyzing their ERP requirements and re-define existing business processes to streamline business objectives. We guarantee our clients the highest level of quality when implementing their JD Edwards applications, resulting in cost-effective, on-time projects. Our Implementation Methodology involves the following phases:

Phase 1: Plan and Prepare
Project Planning
Identify Process Standardization Needs
Re-assess Hardware Requirements

Phase 2: Requirements & Design
Requirement Analysis
Identify Reporting & Integration Needs
Business Blueprint
Standardize Master Data
Setup Environment
Foundation Training
Functional and Technical Specifications

Phase 3: Build
Business Process Configuration
Unit Testing
Develop Data Migration Plan and Test Scripts

Phase 4: Test
Create Standard Test Cases
Integration Testing
Regression Testing
Data Conversion Testing
Performance Testing
User Acceptance Testing

Phase 5: Go-Live
Build and Configure Production Environment
Promote Customized Menus and Versions
End User Training
Data Conversion
Package Building
Global Reporting

In today's fast changing world, it is crucial to carry an edge in your business over your competitors. This makes it absolutely mandatory to remain 'current' with the technologies. 3rd Eye Advisory® follows an assessment-based approach, while planning and executing an upgrade, keeping disruption to business bare minimum.

Our experienced solution architects precisely know which enhancement is relevant to your industry and our recommendations are never generalized. They are specific to your industry requirements. We have the tools to manage upgrades in a fluent manner. While doing so, we continuously revisit the technology architecture, which clients have and provide valuable recommendations for achieving optimum advantages to business.


  • Structured and proven service delivery approach for the upgrade initiatives
  • Project management approach and methodology followed
  • Methodology based on our global delivery model
  • Assessment-based approach results in improved efficiency

Myriad changes in the business and development of new trends necessitates migration. Legacy transformation process is elaborate, but with our team's knowledge and experience, costs and timeline are well managed, resulting in successful and seamless migration.

3rd Eye Advisory® goes along a phased and accelerated approach by following proven methodologies and industry practices. Our strong mapping capability facilitates organizations manage and extract data, which becomes easy and less time-consuming in the changed environment. Additional functionality and integration with other services such as web, adds more value.


  • Successful implementation record with decreased cost, risk and time
  • Precise information sharing on upgrade value proposition through upgrade workshops
  • Faster adaptability by notifying users on time, conducting reviews and imparting training
  • Minimum downtime
  • SLA-driven system sizing
  • Need-based retrofitting of customizations

With effective testing tools and methodology, 3rd Eye Advisory® team conducts and manages tests and reviews the results thereafter, to effectively monitor and analyze performance of applications. Effective test execution is imperative for an application's successful implementation and has a direct bearing on the costs to the business in the long run, hence 3rd Eye Advisory's® skilled experts specialize in quality assurance testing.

Our wide-ranging testing services:

  • End-to-end testing
  • Systems testing
  • Performance testing
  • Module and Variance testing
  • Integration system
  • Bug-fix testing
  • Regression testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Security and Usability testing
  • Load, Stress and Volume testing
  • Content testing
  • Website testing
  • Multi-lingual testing
  • Test Automation - focusing on Test Management
  • Test Scripting and Defect Management

Maintenance & Support
The best of the implementations can fail, if support is not carried out in an appropriate manner. The essence of support services is to pre-empt any issue by thoughtful approach. There are three broad theories of maintenance viz. Reactive, Preventive and Proactive.

Our experience focuses on proactive maintenance strategy, thereby keeping user experience rich and seamless.


  • Ongoing, Off-Hours and Peak Period Support
  • Prompt delivery of support services and prompt action assured
  • Accessible team committed to the project’s smooth operation and success
  • Varied communication channels with offshore contact desk number, email feedback, etc.
  • Issue management system leads to channelizing issues to correct experts without losing visibility and momentum
  • Continuous creation of knowledgebase out of issue handling

3rd Eye Advisory® ensures that its rollout services of extending the existing application environment to other organization locations, functions and processes are within budget, causing minimal disruption to business’ day-to-day activities.



  • Global template (Rollout kit) saves time
  • Accelerated services
  • Lower risk
  • Customization as per client's needs with custom deployment

Audit Consulting
After successful implementation of application, the client would want to know its implication and effectiveness and assess it on certain parameters, like security and internal controls, practices, user interface, code, architecture, database, etc. This not only leads to effective corporate governance, but is instrumental in assessing the overall cost benefit and whether organization’s IT objectives are being realized.

3rd Eye Advisory® offers a broad spectrum of IT audits under the following five categories:

  • Systems and Applications
  • Information Processing Facilities
  • Systems Development
  • Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture
  • Client/Server, Telecommunications, Intranets and Extranets


  • Effective business tool to measure and compare application efficiency
  • Recommendations by a qualified team to optimize performance and improve efficiency
  • Stringent audit processes ensuring data protection and maintenance of data integrity

  • Precise processes in JD Edwards OneWorld applications
  • An array of pre-integrated applications
  • Trouble-free implementation, maintenance & utility aiding better control over processes
  • Flexible as it facilitates changing application methods as market and business changes
  • Required modules can be implemented as per business needs
  • Tailored menus, reporting and security features as per your business needs
  • Language and currency flexibility